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nawu academies - Masterschool

In the master school it gets really "serious". Here the little ones can leam how to swim, how to handle horses and how to ride. Parents can get valuable tips in the area of nutrition / health and well-being. In the area of photography you can leam how to take the perfect holiday photo.

Fred Swim Academy


To provide every child of every age with the support (by the swim trainer) and the technical training (by the method) that they need to be able to move safely in the water.

Children swim course (4+ years)
The trainer uses a rubber ring method, which goes from orange to yellow,
a step-by-step, child-friendly leaming program which focuses on the 3 main aspects of sw1mmmg:

  • ideal swimming position
  • perfect coordination of leg and arm movement
  • smooth transition to free swimming by reducing buoyancy in the rubber rings


1) Leaming and perfecting the leg movement "Frog"
2) Leam and perfect the coordination of leg and arm movement
3) Gradually reducing the buoyancy in the swimming aid taking into account the perfect swimming technique (movement, breathing, safety, endurance)
4) Free swimming

Children's swimming course (4+ years) € 79, - (5 x 30 minutes)
Private lessons € 25, -
Seahorse / penguin badges € 20, -

There are sensational discounts at certain times of the year (link to offers)


Those who have practiced well can earn the seahorse badge. To achieve this you need to be able to:

  • Jump from the edge ofthe pool into the water and swim 25m in any style
  • Dive for an object in shoulder-deep water
  • Know 5 safety rules

Have fun leaming and of course don't forget the frog!

Private lessons € 25, -
Seahorse badge + test 20, -

Pony Camp

We give our little ones the opportunity to leam how to take care ofhorses in a firn environment. The mini horse diploma includes 2 practical lessons of one hour each. In the two lessons, the children will leam the most important basics of horse care by getting a chance to pet and brush them. Of course, our smallest guests will also have a firn trip on the back of the ponies. The focus is on love for the animals and firn. Sternenstaub and Lucy look forward to getting to know you.

Prices :

1-2 hours, depending on the number of participants
€ 5, - / child

Pony Camp

For all children from the age of 8 there is the possibility to complete a horse diploma. For this, the kids spend time in our stable. Practical handling of the horses is practiced extensively. After you have leamed the most important basics such as grooming and guiding, our four­legged friends will be saddled up for you to have a ride. We explore nature on horseback and leam important rules for a good relationship between humans and animals. Our ponies look forward to spending a firn and exciting time with you.


lx 1-2 hours, depending on the number of participants
lx about 1 hour, exam
The diploma will be presented when both sessions are completed.
€ 9, - / child

Hay Art

Very special souvenirs are made at our Hay Art Academy. Dorothea, our receptionist, is our most creative employee and is happy to pass on her knowledge. Original, modern and funny souvenirs are created in a really rustic environment, our hay bam.


Ifyou have practiced well, you can earn the penguin badge. To achieve this you need to be able to:

  • Swim 25m in any style
  • Jump from the pool edge into the water
  • Know 5 safety rules

Here are the safety rules for you to learn:
  • Physical health is a requirement!
  • Always observe the swimmin regulations (information boards, stops, etc.)!
  • Take a shower before going into the water
  • If you feel cold, get out of the water (risk of cramping)!
  • Do not dive and jump ifyou have ear problems
  • Never swim with a füll stomach
  • A void sunbathing for too long
  • Never put too much pressure on yourself, and others!
  • Never jump into unknown waters
  • Be careful when swimming in the wild!

Have fun learning and of course don't forget the frog!

Private lessons € 25,
Penguin badge + test € 20, -

Magie School!

1,2,3 ... Hocus Pocus magic !

Immerse yourself in the world of magic.
Clear the stage! A star is bom!
Curtain up ! Simply magical, how the kids pull a surprise out of their hat for their parents. Y ou are our stars of tomorrow who can shine today.

Leam various tricks on holiday - drive home and deliver a magical performance and inspire mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and friends.

lt will be fun to dive into the world of amazement, to be able to do something that not everyone can do.
Even children as young as 5 years old can easily enter the "realm of magic" with these age­appropriate magic tricks.

* carefully selected age-appropriate magic tricks
* detailed magic instructions
* funny magic spells that come with the tricks

Whether during a visit or quickly during the break, a magician always has something up their sleeve which they amaze the world with! We do not reveal anything, because that is the number one rule for us in magic school!

And all for € 40, - including magic set.

ABRAKADABRA and let's go ! ! !

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